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Many wayward travelers have found themselves in for surprises along our highway, some welcoming surprises and some not so exciting! We encourage you to take a read to help prepare yourself for the journey through our isolated and remote area so that you can fully enjoy your experience! Contact us for any questions you may have and we can help prepare your trip with you! If nothing else, at least read the red! You will be grateful you did!


Bring a Camera

And a lot of battery power! Our highway is majestic with absolutely stunning views at every pullout, as well as wildlife waving at you from the side of the road!


About the Wildlife

DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS OR GET OUT TO TAKE PICTURES OF THE BEARS! Please! The bears are super cute, but startling them or disturbing them if they are eating or have cubs around can be fatal.

And more about the Wildlife

We have moose, caribou, bear, and horses wandering wild along our highway. Always be aware and alert, and rested! When it is foggy out it is hard to notice the animals so just be cautious!

Our Highway

The highway is 7 hours from either Terrace/Smithers or 9 hours from Whitehorse. Even longer if taking the Alaska Highway through Fort Nelson area. PLEASE BE RESTED! One of our biggest accident causes is drivers falling asleep at the wheel.


No Centerline

The highway does not have a centerline for most of the road. There is a lot of ore truck and semi-truck traffic, so again, just be aware and alert and stay to your side of the road!

Paved Road

The entire road is paved, save about .5 of a kilometer North of the town Iskut. The road was recently reconstructed and repaved from the southern side up to 150KM south of Dease Lake. Then the road returns to the typical narrower northern style of seal coat (but still paved) which requires more care.


No Cell Service

THERE IS NO CELL SERVICE WHATSOEVER FOR ABOUT 7 HOURS and no cell service in Dease Lake. We do have wifi so wifi calling on your phone can be activated – please contact your provider before traveling to ensure it is set up. We have many family members calling in a panic as they have not heard from their loved ones in a while!

Use Spot Device

We suggest using a Spot device or In-reach (or any satellite GPS tracking) in case of emergency, especially in the winter months when you may not see another car for several hours.

Our Gas Station

Dease Lake gas station usually closes quite early, around 7 p.m.-8 p.m. There is often no restaurant open during the winter and limited even in the summer. We do have a great grocery store, however, when that closes there is nowhere to get food. We have a kitchen here at the lodge, so you are encouraged to at least travel with a little bit of something for food in case you miss the store.



There are two mechanics in town, both with good reputations and resources to complete the work. However, ordering parts may take some time so allow the extra buffer of time in case you need to stay a while longer than expected.
Tow Companies
There are two truck companies in town as well; usually, you have to wait until someone driver past you and then pass the message to them to call a truck. We are all quite tight knitted and very friendly and will make sure people get help when needed. The tow trucks will need a credit card to provide service.

U-HAUL Renters/Drivers

Please see the fine detail in your contract with the rental company as many companies DO NOT insure accidents or popped tires along this stretch of Cassiar Highway. Also, drive to the condition of the road as another leading cause of accidents in people driving too fast on our roads and blowing tires and axels!

Motor Bikes

Please be alert when driving; the roads are long and no lines, and you are quite small coming around corners and blind hills. It always helps to have a tent and be prepared!


Dease Lake and this highway are a very popular highway, and accommodations are usually booked up a month in advance. We have had to turn away many people late at night, and there is nowhere else to stay past Dease Lake for 3 more hours North, and 1 more hour South! We just want to make sure everyone has someone comfortable to stay!

Telegraph Creek!

If you can spare adding a day into your travel, this is an absolutely one of a kind majestic scenery drive! Explore more about Telegraph on our website, or research! There is an amazing Bed and Breakfast called Hyland Creek Bed and Breakfast ( that will enhance your entire experience there! (With COVID-19, only essential travel is permitted to Telegraph Creek, no tourist travel).

We do have a Police Station, Post Office, and a lovely Health Clinic in Dease Lake. Thank you for taking the time to read our tips! We wish you an amazing journey with memories to share for years to come!



Kurt and Thea Mehnert

Arctic Divide 

Our Extras

We figured since our exquisite area of the wild had so much to offer, why wouldn’t we? Beyond the cozy beds, we also provide a long list of “Sure we can do that!”.

We have had the opportunity to help folks with their motorbike trip planning, host unique wedding parties, and host and assist in organizing some epic events in our area! 

Don’t be scared to ask us for any unique or strange request; we have heard them all! Again, whatever you think of or need assistance with, we can help find a way to make it happen for you!

If we can not provide what you are looking for, our local knowledge and connections will be tapped into, and we will do our best to get you where you need to go!

See our offerings that may help you!
  • Assist in planning trips for folks that may not be aware of the distances between our Province (and oh those distances can be vast)! 
  • Host the many cycling and motorbike rallies and fundraising groups; such as Texas 400!
  • Hosted and co-organized the unveiling and testing of Monaco-based “Venturi” snowcat, including hosting astronaut Chris Hadfield, Prince Albert II of Monaco, and many dignitaries from the Explorers’ Club and head of the Antarctica Science Station! 
  • Shuttled adventurers to and from their starting points; such as hauling canoe and people to the launch points, and picking them up at end of trip. We can store your vehicle here as well during that time! 
  • Held events and meetings at the lodge! 
  •  Bed Bale and Breakfast for the four-legged larger animals that can not fit into your room. We have a full barn and fenced area on the acreage. Please refer to our Bed Bale and Breakfast information under “Details” on the room pages! 
  • We can assist with motorbike and bicycle repair and minor other repairs as we have a small shop on site and Derek is an epic mountain biker with tools to fix the many mishaps he has encountered along the way! 
  • We do courtesy conversations to your spouses and families who often call as they did not know there was no cell service for 7 hours (refer to our Travelers’ Tips page) and are contemplating filing missing person reports at this point! We can usually hold them off for about 3-4 more hours after explaining the no cell service situation! 
  • We have hosted many a wonderful performer, as we fully support the Home Routes Concert Tours! Providing awesome singers an intimate lodge setting, and our guests with entertainment and delicious snacks for the evening!

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