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Since July 1, 2021, COVID safety plans have been replaced with business specific safety plans per BC Health Regulations.

The currently COVID-19 situation is currently evolving and Arctic Divide Lodge Ltd. shall assess the present environment to determine the operating parameters for the health & safety of guests.


Presently we are observing the following modified procedures:

1. Mask use in all public indoor areas are mandatory unless a specific exemption has been presented to staff. Mask rules have been extended until the present COVID-19 situation improves. BC Health Regulations permit individual businesses and communities to establish their own health parameters.

2. Increased cleaning procedures remain including using approved cleaning products and public area sanitization stations. We intend to keep these cleaning procedures indefinately as they improve the quality of the guest experience along with health & safety.

3. Common area cooking facilities and dining facilities are now OPEN! We ask that the facilities are used within your own household bubble or crew/employee bubble and that the front desk be informed before use so that we may log use of the equipment and clean appropriately.

4. Limit interactions with the community and travel as a bubble. Practice a safe method of travelling and limit or even eliminate contact with the local community to keep Dease Lake and the traditional territory of the Tahltan Nation safe. Don’t hestiate to reach out to us for any tips on planning your travel safely through our region.

5. All other operations except the above are now resumed back to normal. Arctic Divide Lodge Ltd. reserves the right to adjust the above procedures if the environment changes. Any questions can be directed to the hotel.

Thank you for reading as we try to make your stay not only pleasant, but safe for everyone in our remote little community in Northern BC!

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About Arctic Divide

Arctic Divide Lodge is an Inuvaluit owned & operated business located within the traditional territory of the Tahltan Nation.